200 ml + 150 ml + 150 ml

Irresistible cocoa gift set

Shower gel: delicate shower gel for the whole family’s daily personal care and hygiene. Contains organic cocoa butter with elasticizing and emollient properties; efficiently cleanses skin and leaves it soft and moisturized. A delicate perfume with the sweet notes of cocoa makes this shower gel totally irresistible. 

Body balm: A sweet and irresistible perfume is the distinctive characteristic of this rich body balm of cocoa butter, with well-known elasticizing and nourishing properties. Your skin will soon look smoother and softer; the Delidea cocoa body balm will be your daily aid to care for your skin.

Body scrub: Pleasant and toning, the Delidea cocoa body scrub is essential to renew skin thanks to the smoothing power of organic argan and apricot seeds. The skin will soon look softer, more luminous and regenerated. With the sweet and irresistible notes of cocoa.

How to use

Shower gel: Apply on your skin when humid and massage gently. Rinse with warm water.

Body balm: Apply over the entire body massaging until completely absorbed

Body scrub:  Apply over the entire body massaging until completely absorbed

Irresistible cocoa

A deeply cleansing, moisturizing and regenerating body treatment that will leave your skin pleasantly scented with irresistible cocoa notes. The elasticizing and nourishing properties of cocoa butter will give your skin a silky, velvety look, while the smoothing properties of the organic argan and apricot seeds contained in the scrub, will make your skin look brighter and regenerated.

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